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The Right Answer?
Inclusion: The Right Answer?

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                       The Right Answer?

     Is inclusion the right answer? The answer is still uncertain. But from my experiences I would say that it is a learning experience to all students whether or not they have a disability, as well as teachers and parents. All of which have to be involved in a program like this in order to make it work to its full potential. I think that combining challenged students and regular students is an idea that pays off and benefits everyone. Socially students becoming more accepting and also feel more important in their community. While Inclusion learning might be a little tougher on the teachers their job is to teach all students to their full potential. Inclusion learning requires teachers to provide different lesson plans for the same lesson which could at times get hard. However, I think that if a teacher is fully involved with his/her assistant teacher and parents of children that the work load will be less and in the end benefit everyone.
     While some communities still question the ideas of Inclusion others are giving it a chance and seeing the results in their children. If all students were placed according to their learning abilities what kind of social setting would that be for children? What about if a student with no learning disabilities has trouble with a subject area like math? Should they be put into a special education class for that?I think that Inclusion is an answer to questions like these and provides a way of learning for more than just the children, for all the contributors to the community as well. Inclusion will always be a debatable idea but if a community wants to make it work, then it can work!


"Children that learn together, learn to live together."